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Warm on a Cold Night (2023)

Warm on a Cold Night (2023)


Following Chinese Drama is about Su Jiu Er is a young. Talented and personable female constable with a keen investigatory mind. She hails from the Qian Kingdom, meaning. She is in possession of a rabbit-like spirit and that she constantly feels cold. She is attracted to warmth, wherever she can find it. During the course of her investigations. She is forced to go undercover. Where she meets Han Zheng. A member of the Qi Kingdom’s ruling family.

Han Zhen is imbued with a wolf-like spirit which grants him phenomenal strength. It also makes his skin incredibly warm to the touch a factor that makes Su Jiu Er want to cuddle up to him. But he lacks interpersonal skills and is harsh and abrasive to everyone he meets. Opposites attract however and this unusual duo forms an increasingly close bond. As they investigate a strange murder case that involves both of their kingdoms. Will their hot cold connection lead to love?

Original name: 九霄寒夜暖

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Country: ,



Total Episodes: 36 Episode(s)

Genre: ,

Other name: Jiu Xiao Han Ye NuanWarm Cold Nigh in the Nine HeavensWarm on a Cold Night

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